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Pan City Development

Success Factors

Significant Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for ensuring pan-city success is as follows:


CSF1: Detailed Project Planning and Preparation


     ► Prepare detailed system and functional requirements to minimize contract variations and avoid integration issues and proprietary software/protocols 

     ► Prepare a detailed roll-out and integration plan and carry out rigorous testing

     ► Prepare equitable performance linked contract

     ► Appoint competent project consultants for the above


CSF2: Capacity building for City SPV and Participating Agencies


     ► The City SPV and the participating agencies will need to identify/hire specialized dedicated team for implementing the pan-city initiative and managing the interface with consultants, vendors and 3rd party service providers (telecom operators, software and hardware providers etc.). Apart from the technical team it would also be necessary to have a multi-disciplinary team to manage the legal and commercial aspects of the various contracts.

     ► Since it might not be possible to have an in-house team, the maintenance and operations activities may be outsourced with the key management and operations control positions being staffed by on-roll staff.


CSF3: City’s conviction on following:


     ► Many IT systems in India have failed owing to damage/ willful negligence of field equipment used to monitor agency staff (water meters, GPS, handhelds etc.). It is imperative that field staff be held responsible for equipment safety and upkeep.

     ► Placing a reasonable User Charge regime (parking, water etc.)

     ► Prompt performance linked payments made to vendors.

(In case user charges are not levied, then an escrow mechanism for payment could be structured to ensure payments to service provider and cover the funds shortfall)