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Area Based Develoment

Success Factors

The significant Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for ensuring success of the ABD proposals are as follows:


CSF1: INCLUSIVE PLANNING PROCESS: Citizens and multiple stakeholders have been extensively involved in the process of formulating the Smart City Plan for Thiruvananthapuram. With over 2.78 lakh people were involved in the creation of the proposal. Hence a participatory approach including all sections of people and the concerned departments has also to be adopted for developing DPRs. This will ensure easy project implementation and timely completion of the project as required.


   ► Alternative strategy: Awareness campaigns and education of citizens on the ‘Smart’ Features of the proposal and its potential positive impacts. The system of social audits can also be introduced for better transparency. This will strengthen people's faith in the SPV which will ensure smooth & quality execution of projects.


CSF2: TOURISM POTENTIAL: The city is a well-known destination for both international and domestic tourists, who frequent the city for its history, culture, beaches, ayurveda and pilgrimage. Apart from its strategic location, good climate and connectivity, the city itself will offer variety of city based recreational and knowledge sharing attractions. This will boost the city's tourism economy and cause manifold increase in employment opportunities.


   ► Alternative strategy: Tourism promotion and marketing of the city's tourist potential and attractions through various medias, facilitating increase in tourist accommodation facilities, improvement of tourist infrastructure and safety measures.


CSF3: DEDICATED SMART CITY CO-ORDINATING TEAM: The City SPV and the participating government agencies will need to identify/hire specialized dedicated team for implementing the ABD initiative and managing the interface with consultants, vendors and 3rd party service provider. Apart from the technical team it would also be necessary to have a multi-disciplinary team to manage the legal and commercial aspects of the various contracts.


   ► Alternative strategy: Building capacity and understanding of ‘Smart Cities’ within the existing government agencies and stakeholders via the appointment of one person per agency to co-ordinate with the SPV for implementing the proposal.