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Area Based Develoment

Smart Characteristics


   ► Spatial optimisation through densification of existing land (5 MLCPs, markets, etc.) & multi-functional uses of land like playgrounds, heritage structures, etc.

   ► Improve viability of energy efficient buildings and green energy systems which can be adopted by public and institutional buildings



   ► Flood mitigation through Canal improvement

   ► Vector-borne disease prevention through proper sanitation and solid waste management

   ► Prolonging life and promoting and facilitating the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through infrastructure change and engagement with the community



   ► Revival and up gradation of historical buildings/ sites in the city centre

   ► Celebration of culture to activate spaces and act as a catalyst for economic development, tourism, community engagement, participation, and social cohesion



    ► Providing safe and comfortable transportation choices for people of all ages and abilities and enhancing the public realm with the incorporation of amenities such as vegetation, lighting, and other street-escape improvements

    ► Improving mobility and connectivity through actions that will contribute to a safe, accessible and convenient transportation network and promoting green modes of transportation



   ► Introduction of a four part signage system to reflect legibility of the city centre where intelligible graphic representation with technology aim to enhance the city experience and reduce confusion in navigation for both tourists and residents alike