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Smart Trivandrum

Resilience & Eco-friendliness




                      Climate change & urbanization bring increasing uncertainty & unplanned interruption. Thereby the pillar, aims to build a healthy & resilient city that ensures disaster mitigation, disease prevention, prolonging

           life & promoting & facilitating the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, through infrastructure change & engagement with the community.

           ►SD 07. Enabling Disaster Mitigation: Implementation of Phase 2 of operation 'Anantha' to prevent flooding via canals in the city.

           ►SD 08. Encouraging Active Living & Healthy Communities: Increasing physical activity and walkability in the city through the upgradation and development of parks and connecting them via a green link.

           ►SD 09. Facilitating Sustainable built & natural landscapes: Upgrading existing infrastructure and promoting new construction to become sustainable in all aspects - water, energy, waste and transportation.


Resilience & Eco-friendliness