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Smart Trivandrum

Land-Use Efficiency




        Areas like the city centre, being the oldest area might have received the highest attention in provision of infrastructure, resulting in high land value in view of location advantages. The inner pockets however, do not have adequate access roads leaving them with FAR below 1.00; some of such parcels remain as dead pockets without adequate access and with sub optimize land use. Majority of the buildings are old and continue with facade lifting and cosmetic improvements. Thereby to optimize on land, the pillar respond to the city's need and propose new integrated developments that house multiple activities& optimize 2.5 FAR.

       ► SD 04. Re-densification with creative land-use: Maximize the available FAR of 2.5 on the public land available in the city centre by developing projects which not only will serve the city's population but also fetch

       revenue for the Corporation.