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Pan City Development


The Pan City solutions 1 & 2 are inclusive for all socio - economic groups.


Smart Metering: Equitable water supply to all. Reducing AT&C losses & and NRW contribute to addl. availability of water shall be made available for weaker sections.

Intelligent Public Transport System: Improves the availability, reliability and comfort for passengers utilizing public transport. Physically disadvantaged persons will be provided with wheel-chair friendly facility in the public transport fleet.

Intelligent Parking System: All households with vehicle ownership will be beneficiaries.

Intelligent Signaling & Signage: All the citizens and visitors of Thiruvananthapuram. For people with visually impairment, sound sensors will be implanted at key crossings.

Street light mgmt system & CCTV Surveillance: Facilitate better visibility to all the commuters especially pedestrian & cyclists, tracking crimes against women, children and vulnerable sections of society.

Early Warning system: Safeguard lives of all the citizens as well as city's assets

Smart Mosquito Density System: Protect all the citizens from mosquito menace.

Unified e-Governance portal: Digitization of the administration into an integrated portal will improve governance and service delivery of the civic authorities which will benefit all the common citizens, businesses and city level decision makers.