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Improvements in Key metrics of Livability and sustainability over 5-10 years


Basic Services

   → 100% coverage of basic facilities- water supply, sewerage, SWD, SWM & roads.

   → 100% coverage of well-maintained energy efficient street lighting facilities

   → % increase in online tax payments

   → Prompt response system addressing people’s concerns (within 24 hours)

   → Zero instances of flooding within city

Compact Mixed Land use

   → Proximity to work place (travel time reduced to 15 mins)

   → Variety of adequate public open spaces at walkable distances (20% of city area)

   → Improved quality of city amenities

   → Improvement in neighborhood appearance & scenic quality of city.


   → Increased traffic speeds, use of public transport (>50%) and NMT (25%)

   → Reduced commute time, distance travelled, accident rate, traffic noise & air pollution

   → Efficient traffic management with reduction in congestion & increased commuters safety

   → Increase in % of NMT through unobstructed footpaths and dedicated cycle tracks

   → Increase in number of Wi-Fi access points per


   → Increase in tourism sector (50% increase in tourist arrivals) and its related economic activities (30% increase in tourist related employments)

   → Increase in employment rate (20%), income levels and work participation rate

   → Availability of job opportunities for all including disabled & transgender communities

   → Increase in digital literacy rate

Urban Environment

   → Increased area under new planned green open spaces (10% of the city area)

   → Access to recreational/ play areas (100% access)

   → Improvement of air and water quality

   → Increased use of renewable energy sources (10%) reducing greenhouse emissions

   → 100% Future proofing against natural & health hazards

   → Increased citizen awareness & involvement in preservation of built & natural heritage

Safety & Security

   → 50% reduction in crime rates for improved perception of personal safety

   → Better visibility and security

Total Inclusion

→ Universalization of BUD schools (skill training for mentally & physically challenged) & Palliative care facilities for people with extreme disabilities/illness

→ 100% access to different social entitlements - ration card, land titles, welfare pensions