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Pan City Development

Future Impact

Governance impact

(e.g. Government response time to citizen complaints halved, creating faster service delivery overall)




  • SERVICE DELIVERY: Response time during disasters, repairs, complaint resolving is reduced by 20-30 minutes due to effective monitoring & response system. Increase in supply and good quality water supply.


  • COST SAVINGS: Service delivery can be achieved due to Intelligent public transport system, street-light monitoring and management system,


  • REVENUE GENERATION: Increased revenue generation due to Intelligent parking system, smart water metering, NRW reduction, GIS linked online tax collection system, smart parking facilities,


  • OTHERS: Transparency | Operational Control | Monitoring | Standardization |

| Productivity | Accountability | Ease of Business | Decision making


Impact on public services 

(e.g. Real time monitoring of mosquito density in the atmosphere reduces morbidity )


It is difficult to quantify now the impact on city's life through these ICT interventions in absence of necessary hard infrastructure on ground. However few aspects of urban life that would be improved are as set out below:




  •    DE-CONGESTION: Intelligent Public Transport and Parking System

→Impact: Reduction in congestion, signal waiting time and bus waiting time,

  •    SECURITY: CCTV Surveillance

→Impact: Greater safety for visitors and city residents especially for women

  •    SWM Data center                                           ► Mosquito density monitoring system
  •    Intelligent Signaling System                          ► LED Street lights with auto monitoring
  •    Smart Water Network                                     
  •    Early Response system

→ Ensure CLEAN and SAFE Environment


PAN CITY 2: Unified e-Governance Portal


→Impact: Transparency, smoothen inter-departmental works, efficient service delivery, improved employee efficiency, ease of decision making, increased accountability