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Pan City Development




CONCEPT: Envisaged as an administrative control center for effective & efficient service delivery by collecting functional information of all the concerned departments and public on real time day-to-day basis. Automated sensors & systems will send various data sets to ICMCC, which will be collected, processed & analyzed to avail important information for necessary decisions.




   ► CENTRALISED CONTROL ROOM: Fully equipped operational control room for individual sub-domains & large control room for multi-agency collaboration. (Operator monitoring consoles, video-walls, two-way communication system, hardware hosting facility and secondary control room)

   ►  DOMAINS:

   → Smart Metering: Automatic Meter Readers (domestic consumers) - water, Remote pumping systems (for water), SCADA for system monitoring and control, quality sensors, remote manhole status sensing system, GIS map with complete asset mapping and on-line payment systems.

   → Intelligent public transport system: GIS Map with bus routes, bus stops, vehicle mounted GPS device, LED passenger information boards, public bus transit monitoring backend software and hardware

   → Intelligent parking system: GIS Map with parking lots, GPRS enabled handheld devices with front-end software, LED information boards, parking management backend software and hardware

   → Intelligent traffic management system: Traffic volume cameras, Wi-Fi enabled Adaptive controllers, solar panels, central control software and hardware

   → Surveillance system: CCTV cameras (with IR), PTZ cameras, monitoring screens in the control room, surveillance software

   → Early Warning System: Hardware Installation & Calibration, alert warning-de warning systems, Sirens, Area based SMS Service, LED Display board, Installation of fail proof communication system

   → SWM Data center: Web based Portal for monitoring the day to day operations.

   → Street-light monitoring and management system: Solar panel, LED lights, GPRS enabled controllers, backend street-light monitoring system and hardware

   → Smart Mosquito Density System: Sensors, smart phones, web applications etc.




■  CONCEPT: Web based ICT Application for delivering government services, exchange of information, communication transactions, integration of various stand-alone system and services between G2C, G2B, G2G & G2E.

   ► G2C: Dashboards & information dissemination, taxes and grievance redressal.

   ► G2E: Internal employee related services/ work flows, biometric devices, GIS mapping software, MIS & FIS systems, file tracking system, audits, etc.

   ► G2G: Database with Web based portal, inter-department, etc.

   ► G2B: Web based portal for Building permits, licenses, and e-payments.