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Area Based Development



                 Thiruvananthapuram aims to transform 1403.33 acres (2.6% of city area) of its CBD area into a well-connected, inclusive, vibrant and engaging city centre through Retrofitting development approach. The area receives highest citizen votes among top 7 areas across the city. The impact population includes a resident population of 53,225 (5.6% of city population) apart from the high floating population (students, tourists, vendors and other people from the district) that frequent the city centre.

                It has a good land use mix - residential (45.6%), public/semi-public (27.8%), commercial (11.6%), transportation (11.4%); and a small share of parks, open spaces& water bodies. It is also the historic heart of the city with concentration of built as well as natural heritage and strong cultural identity. The ABD projects proposed are targeted towards achieving three main objectives.


     ■ UPGRADE infrastructure and services

     ■ CONSERVE & PROMOTE heritage and culture

     ■ PRESERVE its natural environment

                This varied mix with proposed smart city interventions will facilitate in creation of a liveable, sustainable and resilient city centre.   


Area Based Development