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Area Based Develoment

Achievement Plan

Essential Features Achievement Plan




   ► 1. STORM WATER DRAINS: The area has no storm water drains; these are proposed to be constructed throughout the 68.45 km road length and channeled into the canal network. • AGENCIES: PWD, TMC & NHAI • STATUS: Approved (AMRUT)

   ► 2. 24X7 WATER SUPPLY: Water supply has been completed for the entire ABD area, however replacement of old damaged pipe lines and installation of smart meters, water quality sensors and flow meters are included. A model revenue collection centre is proposed at Vellayambalam. • AGENCIES: KWA & KSUDP • STATUS: Approved (AMRUT)

   ►3. UNDERGROUND DRAINAGE: Rehabilitation of machinery at Kuriathy Pumphouse, completion of network in the missing areas and rehabilitation of existing networks.  • AGENCIES: KWA & KSUDP • STATUS: On-going (AMRUT)

   ► 4. DECENTRALISED SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT: Building on the ‘My City Beautiful City’ campaign, the idea is to make the area Zero-waste, which includes

  1. Extending 100% door to door collection of segregated waste for residential units
  2. Setting up a Material Recovery Facility at Sri Chitra Park and Chalai for Dry Waste
  3. Upgrading existing and building new in-situ composting units for wet waste at Palayam Market, Sri Citra Park, Chalai, Temples, etc.
  4. Intensive cleaning of CBD area, including dumping spots in the city and introduction dry and wet street litter bins in areas with high commercial activities and Public Places within the area
  5. IEC campaign. • AGENCIES: TMC

   ► 5.UNDERGROUND DUCTING: Integrated underground ducting network is proposed for the entire 68.45 km road stretch within the ABD. It integrates all networked services under the road – water, sewage, power, OFC, gas and any other facilities in the future. • AGENCIES: TMC, PWD, NHAI, KWA and KSEB

   ► 6. UPGRADATION OF PUBLIC TOILETS: Upgrading the infrastructure of 15 Public toilets and increasing no. of units (11 She-toilets already exist in the area).  • AGENCIES: TMC

   ► 7. DRINKING WATER FOUNTAINS: Installation of 25 barrier-free, single bubbler, drinking fountains in key tourist areas, transit nodes and alongside information.

       • AGENCIES: TMC and KWA




   ► 8. NON-MOTORISED TRANSPORT: 68.45 km long footpath network and 15.6 kms cycle track proposed in the Area are an attempt to re-distribute road share and encourage alternate modes of transportation – pedestrians and cyclists. It prioritises the comfort and safety of pedestrians and cyclists, recognizes the needs of street vendors and hawkers and combines street landscape and hardscape aesthetics.  

   ►9. INTEGRATED PARKING: To address the issue of haphazard parking in the city centre, the project proposes a combination of both Multi-level parking and organised on-street parking zones in within 250m of transit nodes and key activity hubs. Five MLCPs housing approximately 1200 cars and 2500 two-wheelers are proposed near Sri Citra Park (0.60 Acres), Putharikandam Maidaan (1.61 Acres), Palayam Market (1.35 Acres), Chalai (2.5 Acres) and near the Railway station and Bus stand (0.64 Acres). Additionally on-street smart parking facility is proposed along Power house road, CV Raman Pillai Road & Trivandrum Bakery Palayam Road. Commercial areas like Chalai Bazaar, Palayam, etc. will be provided with timed loading and unloading zones. • AGENCIES: TRIDA, TMC.

   ►10. ROAD & JUNCTION IMPROVEMENT: Carriage way improvement along the entire 68.45 kms length & improvement of 44 junctions and intersections with smart signalling at major junctions in the area are proposed in order to decongest the centre & stream-line the flow of traffic. This includes the integration of all networked services under the road and design of the junction suited to the road type, the environment and capacity, in order to maintain good readability both of the road and junction as well as a satisfactory level of safety. • AGENCIES: TMC, PWD and NHAI.

   ►11. SMART BUS-STOPS: Redesigning the 35 bus stops in the area into robust structures with embedded features like solar charging, WiFi, Digital Information Boards, etc. • AGENCIES: TMC, PWD and KSRTC.

   ►12. WAY-FINDING SIGNAGE AND MARKERS: While traditional signage in cities caters to drivers – traffic lights, right of way, parking privileges – way-finding signs reflect the legibility of a city for pedestrians and cyclists. This prioritization in signage supports this shift from the automobile-driven city to the pedestrian-oriented city.  The 4 type proposed system of information and direction signage includes 10 large ‘You are here’ signage placed at transit nodes and near Main junctions, 35 mini signage along the 3 trails, 176 direction signage and 95 markers highlighting key heritage, educational and government building. • AGENCIES: TMC

   ►13. LAST MILE CONNECTIVITY: Encouraging use of Public Transport through a multi-modal feeder system network will ensure ridership and minimise the city’s carbon footprint. 15 Auto stands with e-Autos, taxi stands & 8 bicycle sharing pods with 10 e-cycles each will be located in close proximity to transit nodes (bus stand, railway& LRT stations)& important public buildings (Tourist, commercial,Institutional and Administrative). • AGENCIES: TMC with respective Unions (Taxis & Autos)




   ►14. MULTI-TASKING SPACES: Spatial optimisation of open spaces like canals, school grounds, heritage buildings and public parks for multi-use activities like events, leisure and recreation. The idea is to make all space, including infrastructure spaces, serve multiple uses & users. Thereby increasing the land available to meet needs of residents & tourists. • AGENCIES: TMC, DoT, DTPC, ASI & other agencies.

   ►15. RE-DEVELOPMENT OF PALAYAM MARKET: The proposed development includes 4 acres of land which will be converted into a vibrant part-open market space with additional facilities like shopping outlets, food plazas, & storage godowns and decentralised solid waste management facility (in-situ). The Re-development will retain the existing market wall, which is of heritage value. The proposed MLCP will support the development’s parking requirement. • AGENCIES: TRIDA, TMC

   ►16.INTEGRATED TRANSIT NODE: Re-development of East Fort bus stand (1.4 acre) with parking, commercial, smart lounges & office spaces. • AGENCIES: KSRTC

   ►17. TAMPANOOR RAILWAY COMMERCIAL COMPLEX: Development of 1.16 acres abutting Tampanoor Railway Station is proposed to be a transit cum  commercial development housing supporting infrastructure like offices, retail space, information zones and parking.  • AGENCIES: Thiruvanthapuram Railway Division

   ►18. CHALAI WAREHOUSE & COMMERCIAL COMPLEX: Integrated development of the 7.58 acre TRIDA land near Chalai Bazaar with an IT enabled, state of the art warehouse facility, decentralised solid waste management facility, commercial complex and an MLCP • AGENCIES: TRIDA, TMC

   ►19. OAT AT PUTHARIKANDAM MAIDANAM: In order to support the existing activities in the 3.95 Acre Maidanam, an Open Air Theatre is proposed with controlled entrances, intuitive movement, signage, an organised stage area, open seating, waste management system and parking spaces. • AGENCIES: TMC




   ►20. RENOVATION OF PADMANABASWAMY TEMPLE PRECINCT: As a part of a planned Spiritual Circuit, the development of the temple precinct is proposed to be undertaken for the North, South, East and West Nada. Components information kiosks, toilets, restoration work, footpaths, water fountains, etc. • AGENCIES: KTDC, DTPC, DoT & Temple Trust • STATUS: Approved (Swadesh Darshan)

   ►21. CHALAI BAZAAR IMPROVEMENT: Officially established in the 18th Century, Chalai bazar was the central point for the supply of commodities to the Travancore kingdom and continues to be the same today. The proposal includes upgrading the existing structures to improve visual aesthetics (i.e. Façade improvement, street-scaping, signage, furniture) and pedestrianize the 2km Chalai Market Road.

       • AGENCIES: TMC, Chalai Merchants’ Association

    ►22.CULTURAL STREETS (MANVEEYAM VEEDHI & CHARITRA VEEDHI): The proposal identifies two key streets which will be designed to house cultural activities and handicraft markets. It includes the 180m Manaveeyam Veedhi, which already asserts itself as an art and cultural corridor that hosts multiple performances, street plays, film screenings, exhibitions, etc. (since 2001)& the 370m Taluk office road  (Charitra Veedhi) which will house a street craft bazaar. • AGENCIES: TMC, Manaveeyam Theruvorakkoottam, HDCK

    ►23. CONSERVING HISTORIC ASSETS: In order to protect & enhance the historic environment, funds are allotted for the conservation and revival of key monuments like Margi Complex, Mitrananda Temple & Old Taluk Kacheri Complex; 11 Tanks, 6 Gateways, 4 Clock towers and Statues and the Fort Wall. • AGENCIES: TMC, Travancore Devaswom Board, ASI, Dept. of Archaeology, Temple Trusts

    ►24. HERITAGE SETTLEMENTS – AGRAHARAMS: Repairs and restoration work of the centuries-old Brahmin Agraharams is being taken up in order to preserve the ethnic tradition. • AGENCIES: TMC, KSWCFC, Travancore Devaswom Board and Residents • STATUS: Approved (State Mission)             




   ►25. TRAILS AND WALKS: Three key trails are curated to showcase administrative and public buildings (Palayam), historic and religious sites (East Fort & Chalai) and Educational Institutions (Thycaud). ). These trails are proposed to be 3.6 km (Culture & Recreation Trail), be 4.5 km (Heritage Walk) and 5.6 km (University Trail)

   ►26.INTERACTIVE INFORMATION KIOSKS & DISPLAY BOARDS: 5 Touch enabled un-manned tourism information kiosks are proposed in key arrival zones of the city and main tourist spots, for dissemination of city information to tourists. Additionally display boards will be located near the city bus stand & railway station, showing the availability of budget hotels in city. • AGENCIES: TMC, DTPC, DoT, KSRTC, Railways       

   ►27. WI-FI LOUNGE: Plug-in modules ranging from 250-2000 sq.ft. based on space availability are proposed in 8 locations (Govt. College, Transit Nodes, etc.) in the ABD areas. These will be equipped with Wi-Fi Hotspots, charging stations, café & work cum meeting spaces which can be used by the students and tourists. • AGENCIES: TMC, DTPC, DoT, KSRTC, Railways, Govt. College




   ►28. SUSTAINABLE CAMPUSES-ENERGY, WATER, WASTE AND TRANSPORT: The aim is to support large campuses and buildings to practice resource conservation (harnessing solar energy, recycling waste water, managing waste in-situ, promoting NMT & rain water harvesting)& help them transition towards becoming economically, socially and environmentally conscious. This includes 12 institutions, 24 govt. offices, 3 transit nodes & 2 private buildings.  • AGENCIES TMC, KSEB and respective stakeholders     




   ►29. LINKED GREEN ACTIVITY ZONES: Parks and recreation facilities provide opportunities for physical activity and can help people of all ages lead a more active lifestyle. Thereby upgrading and connecting 6 main parks in the ABD area via shaded tree cover, footpath and cycle lanes are proposed, making them active exercising spaces that are disabled friendly and universally accessible.  • AGENCIES: TMC • STATUS: Part approved (AMRUT)

   ►30. PEDESTRIAN STREETS: Reserving areas for pedestrian-only use & in which most or all automobile traffic may be prohibited, are proposed in and around the Temple Precinct, on Chalai Road, Taluk Office Road and Manaveeya veedhi (only on Sundays). These streets will be provided with both hard and soft landscape, bollards to restrict vehiclular traffic excepting bicycles, buggies and emergency vehicles. Timed loading and unloading will be allowed in marked zones. • AGENCIES: TMC, PWD • STATUS: Part approved (AMRUT)




   ►31. FLOOD PREVENTION BY REVIVING & RE-ACTIVATING CANAL FRONTS: Though the canal network continues throughout the area, 5 m green buffer along the railway line and in Chenkalchoola (~2.5kms) will implement the 5m green buffer along the canal. The maintenance of the canal is proposed in the second phase of Operation Ananatha. • AGENCIES: District Collector office, Minor and Major Irrigation department, KSUDP, TMC.




   ►32. FLEXI VENDING ZONES: Development of a Vending Zone Policy that includes the registration of vendors and subsequent creation of 30 Flexi-Vending Zones [10 bunks each] located along 3.5 kms on key roads like  MG, LMS Vellayambalam, CV Raman Pillai, Chalai and East Fort. • AGENCIES: TMC

   ►33. INTEGRATED SOCIAL HOUSING COMPLEX: In-situ development of the two slums in the area – Chenkalchoola/ Rajajinagar (12 Acres, 971 H/hs), Poundakulam (1.5 acres 142 H/hs) & Chirakullam colony (147H/hs); into housing complexes with all services and recreational facilities. • AGENCIES: TMC, KHB, communities    • STATUS: Proposed under LIFE scheme (state) 

   ►34. UPGRADATION OF ANGANWADIS & PUBLIC HEALTH CENTRES: Improvement of the Anganwadi buildings & provision of adequate text books, toys, daily meals, play areas and CCTV surveillance.  Provision of equipment, skilled doctors, digitization and integration of database for improved accountability.   AGENCIES: TMC, Health Department & Education Department 

   ►35. TOTAL INCLUSION PROJECT: Universal access to available social entitlements within ABD area preceded by a participatory vulnerability analysis